Damian Alexander Cruz

  • Thinker and Writer
  • New York, NY

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I live on writer’s block. I cat my eereal with a spoonerism. I know the opposite of apposite is irrelevant, but that's beside the point.

At night I read George Saunders, sleep peacefully, wake up and read…well, Saunders—some of those short stories are on the long side.

I live with two actors. I create original scripts for them and their friends to film and incorporate in their audition reels. The characters and scenarios are tailor made to showcase their self-proclaimed best attributes, and thus, I have complied with more outrageous demands than a hostage negotiator.

I proofread every email, every tweet, and every retraction. When I do make a mistake I am mortified and make amends, because it is a big deal. It isn’t just a group text.

At the gym, I draw motivation from Kanye West and NPR’s Ask Me Another, because nothing gets me more amped up than trivial matters and wordplay, respectively.

In short, I am the droid you’re looking for.